You may think you have lost everything? But you may be just about to find much much more.....

Have you just started divorce proceedings? What lies ahead will, for sure be one of the most challenging things you go through. The person you fell in love with seems to have morphed into a character you have never seen before and your children have become feral. Not only that, but you are faced with legal jargon from your solicitor. You thought you were paying them to sort things out? Yet you seem to have forms to complete, bank statements to compile, affidavits to compose... and on top of that, you have no money, legal debts, tinder dates to organise, chardonnay to drink by the bucket-load and your friends have decided that as you are now in singledom, you are no longer invited to couples dinner parties. Great. Just when you needed your friends.

You feel lonely, angry, sad, hyper and have a permanent hangover... all rolled into one.

Welcome to The Divorce.

My divorce coaching will give you the space to sit down and think about what's next. Compile targets, discuss what's next. Do you want to go down the court route? Do you have to because your partner just won't play ball? Whatever the circumstances, you need to have targets to get through this horrendous time. You may have started dating too? There are many issues within the heading of Divorce. What do you really want the outcome to be?

As the end of the road will be a complete change of life, that's for certain, but with your head in the right place, you can have a brighter, happier and more fulfilling future.

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